Meet our Team

Mike Guidoboni

Mike is the owner of Spectrum Custom Molds and Manufacturing, Inc.  Mike started his career at Mal Tool & Engineering Company in Connecticut as a Bridgeport operator.  He left the industry to serve two tours in the United States Army as a Paratrooper.  Following his honorable discharge he attended college in New Hampshire, receiving an engineering degree in 1999.  Fast forward nearly twenty years, Mike now oversees the relationships of all of our existing and future customers. He holds patents and is experienced with the patenting and trademarking process.

Madison Parker

Madison is our Director of Marketing here at Spectrum Custom Molds and Manufacturing, Inc.  Her career path has been focused on marketing, advertising and business management.  Her responsibilities focus on social media development, product advertising and website management.  Madison is also experienced with patent submission, trademark applications and product design and artwork.

Jayne Parker

Jayne joined Spectrum Custom Molds and Manufacturing, Inc. as the Director of Operations.  She brings twenty years of experience managing Parker Plumbing Company of Tampa Bay, Inc.  Her experience includes customer accounts and billing, product development scheduling, office management and customer relations.  Here at Spectrum Custom Molds and Manufacturing, Inc. Jayne handles a lot of the patenting, trademarking and registering of products.