Pon-Cat & Pon-Cat Premier

The Pon-Cat & Pon-Cat Premier platform will provide you with endless options to maximize your enjoyment.

The initial design of the Pon-Cat & Pon-Cat Premier watercraft focused on a stable, easy to use solution for wounded veterans, older customers and those with difficulty operating and maneuvering the classic solutions (canoe, kayak, etc.)

Over the last decade the evolution of the Pon-Cat & Pon-Cat Premier watercraft developed through customer feedback. The accessories, the motor, the carefully designed fishing platform, etc. were all developed to answer a need.

Today, we offer three models of the Pon-Cat & Pon-Cat Premier watercraft that can be accessorized as needed by the individual user.

Our customers use the Pon-Cat & Pon-Cat Premier for fishing in those hard to reach alcoves, rental operations, river/pond/lake recreation and even transportation from boat to dock.

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Poncat Model 200SP | Base Price $799

Poncat Boat 300WP | Base Price $999

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