Welcome to Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. A veteran owned and operated company.

Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. is a veteran owned and operated company.  Providing high quality tooling, mold design and manufacturing.  We are a business built on the values of honesty, quality craftsmanship and creativity.  We provide expertise in tooling, product development, plastic injection, patenting, trademarking, product prototyping, packaging design/artwork and much more.

At Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. we provide everything necessary to develop your idea into a product.

Whether it is a simple design or complex multi-part components, you can trust Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. to provide innovative solutions at an affordable cost. With over twenty-five years of satisfied clients, you can be assured that choosing Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. is the right decision.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your mold, tooling and production needs.

Adjustable Door Wedge

We are proud to introduce "The Adjustable Door Wedge"

A US based small business who trusted us with their design, manufacturing and assembly needs. Click below for more information or to purchase this great product.

Congrats Drain Guard on this fantastic new HVAC product! Thank you for letting Spectrum Manufacturing bring your idea to life!

We are proud to announce that we will be doing business with Eagle Mountain
Flag & Flagpole!

The Quick Clean Sink Trap is. “No Tool” solution to unclogging your drains, recovering lost valuables and maintaining your sink drains.No more unnecessary plumbing service calls, with the Quick Clean Sink Trap you can clean-out your sink drains all by yourself.  No need to go out and purchase expensive tools or harsh chemicals to pour down the drain.  No tools required, no mess, no lost valuables!  Who can beat that?

The Pon-cat and Pon-cat Premier will provide you with endless options to maximize your enjoyment.  The model 200SP and 300WP can be accessorized to meet the need of the individual user.  The initial design of the Pon-Cat & Pon-Cat Premier watercraft focused on a stable, easy to use solution for wounded veterans, older customers and those with difficulty operating and maneuvering the classic solutions (canoe, kayak, etc.)