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Welcome to Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. A veteran owned and operated company.

Established in 1991, we answered the need to provide high quality tooling, mold design and manufacturing locally. Since then, we have operated as an independent company built on the values of honesty and quality craftsmanship. We continue to provide expertise in tooling, mold design and mold manufacturing.

All of our molds are built to withstand the demanding cycles of continuous injection molding production.  We offer warranties on all molds when properly designed and maintained by our expert staff.

We provide injection molding production, assembly and shipping services on-site for dozens of ongoing product lines.

Whether it is a simple design or complex multi-part components, you can trust Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. to provide innovative solutions at an affordable cost. With over twenty-seven years of satisfied clients, you can be assured that choosing Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. is the right decision.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your mold, tooling and production needs.